Beer Stein | Medieval Germany | S

Produktinformationen "Beer Stein | Medieval Germany | S"

This simple, yet elegant beer stein features a battle scene taking place in medieval Germany. The stein is not colored in order to match the atmosphere of the time and event. Names of important medieval German cities litter the stein (all with important and interesting histories to be read about through wannabee historians!).

Inside the stein, you will find a short story of this time period. This special edition beer stein is made directly in Germany and is limited to 10,000 steins worldwide.

Farbe: Beidge, Blau
Height: 22cm (8.66 inch)
Length: 12cm (4.72 inch)
Limited Edition: 10000 Pieces
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : King
Material: Clay, Pewter
Motif: Germany, Medieval
Volume: 0.3l (10.14 fl oz)
Weight: 0.58kg (1.27 lb)
Width : 8.7cm (3.42 inch)

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