Beer Stein | Wolfs | Power of the Pack

Produktinformationen "Beer Stein | Wolfs | Power of the Pack"

This limited edition beer stein centers around a topic very popular in Germany at the moment: wolves! Wolves play an important part in many well-known German fairy tales and have recently become a hot topic, as the creature (not seen around these parts for many centuries) is making a comeback.

This special edition beer stein is made directly in Germany and is limited to 10,000 steins worldwide.

Farbe: Blau, Grey, Weiß
Height: 27.5cm (10.82 inch)
Length: 15.5cm (6.10 inch)
Limited Edition: 10000 Pieces
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : King
Material: Clay, Pewter
Motif: Wildlife
Volume: 0.5l (16.9 fl oz)
Weight: 1.02 kg (2.24 lb)
Width : 11.5cm (4.52 inch)

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