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About the Artist

Michael Greiner-Adam
Glass Artist from Lauscha. Family tradition since 1597.

1968 - born in Steinach
1985 - 1987 - apprenticeship glassblower Lauscha
1987 - 1990 - working at Glasbläserei Hans Greiner-Adam (father's workshop)
1990 - 1991 - glass art Lauscha
1992 - 1995 - working at Glasmanufkatur Neuhaus
1995 - 1998 - glasdesign Bäz-Dölle in Lauscha
1998 - 2000 - glasbläserei Ralf Greiner-Adam (brother's workshop)
2000 - 2001 - Glasbläshof Todtnau
since 2002 - GlasManufaktur Hofgut-Sternen, STERNEN GLAS


Inspired by the infamous Maria Antonia (otherwise known as Marie Antoinette), who once visited Hofgut Sternen on her way to her wedding to King Luis XVI in France, this jewelry line this jewelry line exudes elegance and class, making a fitting complement to any outfit.

Beautifully-crafted jewelry piece created by our very own Michael Greiner-Adam. The pendant made by hand using the fusing method - inside is a piece of golden foil. The necklace itself is made of stainless steel, first plated with silver and then with gold.

All of our Sternen Glas products are handmade by our glass artists. This means that the size, coloring, and pattern of the products may vary slightly. The photos you see are an approximation of the product you will receive. There may also be small air bubbles or bubble streaks inside.

Certificate of authenticity with the artist´s name and signature included. 
Farbe: Black, Gold
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Sternen Glas
Material: Edelstahl, Glass, Gold, Gold Plated
Pendant Diameter: 1.5cm (0.6 inch)
Set Name: Antonia

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