Smoker | Christmas Gnome

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Produktinformationen "Smoker | Christmas Gnome"

The Erzgebirge Smokers by Seiffener Volkskunst eG have a long tradition. Since 1958, the wooden incense burners have been handcrafted, Made in Germany, with great attention to detail by artisans in the Ore Mountains. With their fine accessories and mysterious details, the original wooden figures are not only magical Christmas decorations, but also a fascinating gift for all lovers of original Erzgebirge folk art. 
The cone-shaped original Crottendorfer incense cones are ideally suited for use in the incense figures. The incense cones are available in a variety of scents and not only spread their fragrance at Christmas time. Genuine Erzgebirge, wood art with a heart, these fascinating and magnificent works of art are wonderful Christmas decorations, decorative gifts and popular collector's items.

Farbe: Black, Blau, Green, Rot, Weiß
Height: 15cm (5.9 inch)
Length: 10cm (4 inch)
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Seiffener Volkskunst
Material: Wood
Motif: Christmas, Gnome
Weight: 0.30kg (0.66 lb)
Width : 11cm (4.33 inch)

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