Cuckoo Clock | Bell Ringer, Cottage House | 1 Day Movement | Music

Produktinformationen "Cuckoo Clock | Bell Ringer, Cottage House | 1 Day Movement | Music"

Another shingle-style clock with more inconspicuous traditional elements than seen at first glance. The clock shows a woman in traditional Black Forest dress with a red hat (the red hat lets us know that she’s unmarried – upon getting married, women in the Black Forest would begin wearing a black hat). She stands in front of an elaborate cottage and sounds the bell, calling for farmers to come back from farms for the lunch.
Breite: 35cm (13.77 inch)
Clock Movement : SBS-Feintechnik Germany
Farbe: Braun, Weiß
Hergestellt in: Deutschland
Hersteller: Hönes
Höhe: 40cm (15.74 inch)
Länge: 22 cm (8.66 inch)
Material: Cast Iron, Edelstahl, Wood
Moving Parts: Black Forest Lady, Cuckoo, Dancers, Pendulum, Water Wheel
Music: Edelweiss, Happy Wanderer
Night-off Switch: Manual
Weight: 3.5kg (7.71 lbs)
Winding Time: 1 Day

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