Cuckoo Clocks | Lady with Rolling Pan and Beer Drinkers | 8 Day Movement | Music

Produktinformationen "Cuckoo Clocks | Lady with Rolling Pan and Beer Drinkers | 8 Day Movement | Music"

This clock is something special, indeed! Made to resemble a typical German „Biergarten,“ it shows two figures in typical Lederhosen outfits enjoying (perhaps too much) a few mugs of beer. The barmaid standing in the back of them hits them on the top of their heads whenever they get too rowdy (at the call of each half and full hour). At the top, there are traditional figures dancing to the music. What makes this clock special is the transparent house wall and clock face, allowing the viewer to see the movement of the actual mechanism!
Breite: 45cm (17.71 inch)
Clock Movement : SBS-Feintechnik Germany
Farbe: Beidge, Blau, Schwarz
Hergestellt in: Deutschland
Hersteller: Hönes
Höhe: 38cm (14.96 inch)
Länge: 43.5cm (17.12 inch)
Material: Cast Iron, Edelstahl, Plexiglas, Wood
Moving Parts: Beer Drinkers, Black Forest Lady, Cuckoo, Dancers, Pendulum, Water Wheel
Music: Edelweiss, Happy Wanderer
Night-off Switch: Automatic (9 PM-9 AM)
Weight: 7.7kg (16.97 lb)
Winding Time: 8 Days

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