Cuckoo Clock | Bears and Pine Trees | 8 Day Movement | Music

Produktinformationen "Cuckoo Clock | Bears and Pine Trees | 8 Day Movement | Music"

A clock which is traditional, yet unique. Instead of a classic frame decorated with leaves, this clock has beautifully-shaped pine trees and precisely-carved bears on each side. The pendulum is decorated with “bear fur.” 
Features: Low pitched cuckoo sound, chimes once on the half an hour and varyingly on the full hour, depending on the hour (i.e. 7 o´clock - 7 times). Dance figures turn while music is playing.
Breite: 24 cm (9.44 inch)
Clock Movement : SBS-Feintechnik Germany
Farbe: Beidge, Black, Brown
Hergestellt in: Deutschland
Hersteller: Hönes
Höhe: 57cm (22.5 inch)
Länge: 37cm (14.5 inch)
Material: Cast Iron, Edelstahl, Wood
Moving Parts: Cuckoo, Dancers, Pendulum
Music: Edelweiss, Happy Wanderer
Night-off Switch: Automatic (9 PM-9 AM)
Weight: 9kg (20 lb)
Winding Time: 8 Days

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